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Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
22 août 2010 @ 22:27
Yeah, I lost interest in anime. I can't seem to find it interesting anymore. I'm still gonna cosplay, but from video games and other things I like.

asdfghjkl; I'm so crazy for VALVe games now. I feel like such a loser for playing 30 hours of TF2 in the past 5 days. BUT FUCK this is so fun. Sarah, Brandi, and Denice have been coming over a lot to hang out and play some L4D and L4D2. I'll have to get into Assassin's Creed next. >_>

Homework now. 'cause I'm actually motivated to do it. fuck ap physics why'd i sign up for this i hate physics shit
Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
08 août 2010 @ 23:09
There are 174 people in the NYC APH group. I don't even know how many are going to Hetalia Day.

I understand that cosplay's supposed to be fun, but people should still know their limits. Cosplay =/= an excuse to forget basic manners and humility.

I mean come on, some people expect us, all of us, to fit inside a building if it rains? OHOHOHO that will totally be posted on /cgl/ if any lurkers see us. Not to mention it'll give the entire group a horrible image (as if APH cosplay wasn't seen badly enough). I kinda wanna yell this at numerous people, but nobody really listens to a 15 year old Japan cosplayer. OTL
I need moar assertion. /end rant sorry gaiz
Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
25 juillet 2010 @ 19:15
When someone makes me angry, I start remembering all the things they've done in the past to piss me off too. Then I'm furious. Lololol
Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
21 juillet 2010 @ 23:11
GDI I really need to start working on everything. I promise to start everything in August, or after FIT.

Izaya Orihara
Bad Romance Weir
Hellenistic Turkey
Blue Medic (hurrr too many reds, sorry <3)
? - Lady Gaga (definitely doing for Halloween though.)
? - Train Heartnet (if I can fix Hades, because it literally melted at AN)

I had to give up Vocaloid, because I really can't decide on the character.
GAWSH I promised myself I would refrain from attending any cons or cosplay events in the summer. This is torture. I don't even know if I'm going to MangaNEXT, but it would be cool if I'll be able to. ;o;
Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
15 juillet 2010 @ 20:56
For some reason, I started fangirling HARD over people. They are:

Miroslav Klose, Xabi Alonso, Iker Casillas, Sharlto Copley, and Bradley Cooper.
Unf, I love these people. I've been trying to start some FIFA threads on /y/, but no one else is drawfagging. ;(

And I epicly trolled Anime Sexual Frustration Blog with some Francis Bonnefoy guro. If any of you guys saw it, you'll know that was me. ;D