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07 novembre 2010 @ 18:35
morality and standards about gender? rant#344853  
The thing that angers me the most is society's double standards of sexuality between men and women. I know that our beliefs rose from our Puritanical ancestry, but that was more than 300 freaking years ago. I hate that our society is still influenced by Christianity, even though we constantly say that it is separated from church.

Also, we would like to believe that women and men are treated equally, but that statement is so far from true. The only reason we think that women and men are emotionally different is because we impose the double standard to children, and therefore they grow up believing that they should act a certain way because of their gender. I understand that we are physically different, but if we raise girls and boys to act the same way, then they will act the same fucking way.

Our standards suck too. Women get lower wages. Don’t deny it, it’s true. Because of that, some of us are assisted by men because of their higher wages. In fact, we are almost expected to do that, and because of that, companies give smaller salaries to women. It’s a vicious cycle. It's like they expect us to use sexuality for our advantage. I'm not saying that we don't, some women do, and it's wrong. I wish there was some way to prevent this from happening, but there really isn't, unless we teach it to teenagers, because that's usually the age that girls begin to realize that sexual advantage.

BUT. Here's some copypasta from my tumblr:
We’re all human; men AND women like to fuck. So why is it that when girls ask for or want sex, they get called a “slut”? Because of that standard, it’s the guy’s job to ask for sex in our society. But at the same time, women hesitate to agree to have sex, because they might get called a “slut” or the like.
Either way, we still get called horrible things if we choose to engage in intercourse. It’s like a double-trap of some sort.

Do you feel angry when women of Muslim religion are called sluts because they don't wear burkas or the sort? That's exactly how I feel when I hear anyone saying "whore", if the person doesn't get paid for sexual activity, or "slut". Of course there's a certain extent to everything. I don't like it when my classmates wear revealing outfits to school, but I don't judge them because of that. I just find it inappropriate for the place. If they wore it outside of school, I would not give a fuck. And I don't care if a girl has slept with 30 guys last month if she's a good person.

It's not just women, but we tend to judge everyone based on their actions. WHY???
Why does it matter if the greatest golfer had an affair? Why does it matter if the president cheated on his wife? Their relationships have no relevance to their occupations, so why should it concern us?
America needs to mind it's own fucking business.