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17 octobre 2010 @ 13:32
NYCC/AF '10 recap (before i forget)  
3 O'CLOCK goddommot bus hurry up
Get home, wait until 5 for Bea and Vikki >:|
traffic EVERYWHERE, Get to con at 6
Meet up with Denice, Brandi, and Sarah
Pictures already? I just got here sdlkfheiub
Hello Frauleins! I missed errbody!
Buying pin-up posters at dealers
Talkitive Scout is talkitive
Bye Denice ; - ;
Hanging out, derping out with puppis
$1 Pizza with errbody at PABT
At home, watching youtube poop vids with Bea, Vikki, an Mark
Pass the fuck out

get the fuck up Bea, we have eggz and wafflez
isrbisbvs Sudowoodo wig
Get to con around 10, derp around in dealer's room
11 o'clock- NYAF 2008 reunion!
But nobody's really here yet
Mini-Tumblr meetup?
Sorta chillin' with Stefanie, James, Sarah, Caitlin, and Molly mkay
Merry's birthday party! Time for cakes and animu
chill with Vinny for the first time ever
AND TF2 meetup tiemz
Oh hey it's Relia! Let us go to meetup together
/see a whole group photoshoot, get stopped by interviewer
/have a :| face the entire time, lulzy questions
"Okay now you guys need to sign this consent(?) form" "Why?" "Because we're putting you on Machinima"
Super awesome Spy and Engie, must take a billion photos of them
Miss half the photoshoot, Talk with some people afterwards
They are giving me attitude... okay...
Meetup disbanded, go to HALOLZ stand
"NOPE" t-shirt
Derp around and have a mini-photoshoot with the crew
8-person-sleepover at my house
Pizza and ravioli everywhere, Truth/Dare
"Have you ever pooped in the shower?"
Pass out again

Super chillax day
Weir & Plushenko photoshoot with Stefanie!
Chillin' with the Hetalia gang
FFFFuck these skates I'm changing into Izaya
Dealers room again
Buy Ellis' Bullshifters t-shirt
Mini DRRR! shoot with Ari (ty for photographing Alyssa!)
/super excited about the shirt, changes into that
Alice's DRRR! vending machine!
Final dinner @ McDonalds with errbody ;w;
Goodbye all, until next time <3

This was, to be honest, the funnest con I've attended. Only because of the people who were there. <3
arthonielarthoniel on le 18 octobre 2010 04:03 (UTC)
Fff, I know, right? The people there just made the con.

Also, I didn't see nearly enough of you. This must be amended the next time we see each other.