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Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
14 août 2011 @ 12:08
This year was a huge change. I went through some huge changes, good and not-so-bad. But I think this really shows how unpredictable life can be. You can change yourself for whatever reasons. However, your true self will always dominate. If something gets you down, you just have to stand right back up, and keep living. There's no use moping about the past if you can move forward and enjoy.

Vous n'avez pas des os en verre. Vous pouvez vous cogner a la vraie vie.
Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
28 mai 2011 @ 20:57

Just to get a feel of the sizing, my measurements are 32-25-35 and 5'6" when these were made. However, I'll still post the costume measurements on each one. If you would like additional pictures, information, and answers, please contact me! I accept money through paypal or mail. Plus I haggle! ;D

1. Military Uniform Turkey $35 sold
Worn only once, lined, includes jacket, scarf, accessories on jacket
I can throw in the wig (no ahoge), mask, and size 4 brown capris for an extra $15.
shoulders 16.5"
bust 33"
waist 32"
hip free
from shoulder to hem 39"

2. Hellenistic Turkey (name your price, around $100, best offer?)
Worn only once (for 20 mins), everything is pretty baggy and stretchable (elastic).
includes red robe, black jacquard harem pants and long-sleeve, fleece scarf, fez with tassel (not visible in this pic), inner tie for black shirt, large tie for the red robe
I can throw in the wig and mask for $10.
The robe is more of a burgundy and less flowy than the reference picture.

3. FIFA uniform Japan $20 ON HOLD
worn once, includes shorts and jersey, not authentic! but they have iron-on authentic signs on them. both are size small.
4. Military Uniform Japan $15 ON HOLD
worn multiple times, only includes the jacket. lined and has markings on the inside. they are not noticeable on the outside.
I recommend this for someone XS, because this is small on me.
shoulder 14"
bust 32"
waist 28"
shoulder to hem 24.5"
5. Casual Kimono Japan $15
worn three times, Includes brown obi, yukata, and outer jacket (?). They are all pretty baggy.
I can throw in geta sandals for $5, since they're pretty used.
6. Children's Day Japan $45
worn only once, comes with short inner kimono, apron (?), and hakama pants
I can throw in the modified US womens 6 or 7, zori sandals for $10.
everything is pretty baggy and adjustable, but the apron can have a tight fit on the shoulder. There are little machine-embroidery details on the apron, but you can't see them in the photos.
7. Boxer Rebellion Uniform Japan $65
worn only twice. includes jacket, all the accessories on it, gloves, and hat.
I can throw in the pants for $5, but the red stripes on them are worn.
jacket measurements are
shoulder 16.5"
bust 36"
waist 32"
shoulder to hem 25"

Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
The thing that angers me the most is society's double standards of sexuality between men and women. I know that our beliefs rose from our Puritanical ancestry, but that was more than 300 freaking years ago. I hate that our society is still influenced by Christianity, even though we constantly say that it is separated from church.

Also, we would like to believe that women and men are treated equally, but that statement is so far from true. The only reason we think that women and men are emotionally different is because we impose the double standard to children, and therefore they grow up believing that they should act a certain way because of their gender. I understand that we are physically different, but if we raise girls and boys to act the same way, then they will act the same fucking way.

Our standards suck too. Women get lower wages. Don’t deny it, it’s true. Because of that, some of us are assisted by men because of their higher wages. In fact, we are almost expected to do that, and because of that, companies give smaller salaries to women. It’s a vicious cycle. It's like they expect us to use sexuality for our advantage. I'm not saying that we don't, some women do, and it's wrong. I wish there was some way to prevent this from happening, but there really isn't, unless we teach it to teenagers, because that's usually the age that girls begin to realize that sexual advantage.

BUT. Here's some copypasta from my tumblr:
We’re all human; men AND women like to fuck. So why is it that when girls ask for or want sex, they get called a “slut”? Because of that standard, it’s the guy’s job to ask for sex in our society. But at the same time, women hesitate to agree to have sex, because they might get called a “slut” or the like.
Either way, we still get called horrible things if we choose to engage in intercourse. It’s like a double-trap of some sort.

Do you feel angry when women of Muslim religion are called sluts because they don't wear burkas or the sort? That's exactly how I feel when I hear anyone saying "whore", if the person doesn't get paid for sexual activity, or "slut". Of course there's a certain extent to everything. I don't like it when my classmates wear revealing outfits to school, but I don't judge them because of that. I just find it inappropriate for the place. If they wore it outside of school, I would not give a fuck. And I don't care if a girl has slept with 30 guys last month if she's a good person.

It's not just women, but we tend to judge everyone based on their actions. WHY???
Why does it matter if the greatest golfer had an affair? Why does it matter if the president cheated on his wife? Their relationships have no relevance to their occupations, so why should it concern us?
America needs to mind it's own fucking business.
Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
17 octobre 2010 @ 13:32
3 O'CLOCK goddommot bus hurry up
Get home, wait until 5 for Bea and Vikki >:|
traffic EVERYWHERE, Get to con at 6
Meet up with Denice, Brandi, and Sarah
Pictures already? I just got here sdlkfheiub
Hello Frauleins! I missed errbody!
Buying pin-up posters at dealers
Talkitive Scout is talkitive
Bye Denice ; - ;
Hanging out, derping out with puppis
$1 Pizza with errbody at PABT
At home, watching youtube poop vids with Bea, Vikki, an Mark
Pass the fuck out

get the fuck up Bea, we have eggz and wafflez
isrbisbvs Sudowoodo wig
Get to con around 10, derp around in dealer's room
11 o'clock- NYAF 2008 reunion!
But nobody's really here yet
Mini-Tumblr meetup?
Sorta chillin' with Stefanie, James, Sarah, Caitlin, and Molly mkay
Merry's birthday party! Time for cakes and animu
chill with Vinny for the first time ever
AND TF2 meetup tiemz
Oh hey it's Relia! Let us go to meetup together
/see a whole group photoshoot, get stopped by interviewer
/have a :| face the entire time, lulzy questions
"Okay now you guys need to sign this consent(?) form" "Why?" "Because we're putting you on Machinima"
Super awesome Spy and Engie, must take a billion photos of them
Miss half the photoshoot, Talk with some people afterwards
They are giving me attitude... okay...
Meetup disbanded, go to HALOLZ stand
"NOPE" t-shirt
Derp around and have a mini-photoshoot with the crew
8-person-sleepover at my house
Pizza and ravioli everywhere, Truth/Dare
"Have you ever pooped in the shower?"
Pass out again

Super chillax day
Weir & Plushenko photoshoot with Stefanie!
Chillin' with the Hetalia gang
FFFFuck these skates I'm changing into Izaya
Dealers room again
Buy Ellis' Bullshifters t-shirt
Mini DRRR! shoot with Ari (ty for photographing Alyssa!)
/super excited about the shirt, changes into that
Alice's DRRR! vending machine!
Final dinner @ McDonalds with errbody ;w;
Goodbye all, until next time <3

This was, to be honest, the funnest con I've attended. Only because of the people who were there. <3
Ashlee/ReeLee/Smash/[insert costume name here]
01 octobre 2010 @ 22:56
This is reduced substantially because I just don't feel like changing 7 times anymore. And interests have changed and stuff. /dead

Fri: Lady Gaga, if finished in time
Sat: Sudowoodo and Medic
Sun: Izaya and Johnny Weir

hory shet no hetalia cospray?